Geoff and Michelle Freeman


There are nearly 550 universities scattered in the Northeast corner of the US, where students from all over the world prepare to lead in every country and every industry. Our vision is that every student would know someone who truly follows Jesus. Imagine the impact students can have when their central driving force is a love for Christ and desire to demonstrate God's love to those around them.​

​Geoff and Michelle have been giving ministry leadership within Cru for more than 20 years in the Northeast, serving at Brown University for 8 years and partnering with leaders and churches to reach campuses throughout New England and New York. Together, we're working to raise up a generation of students whose lives are so transformed by the gospel that they can't help but share Christ with others.​​

Each summer, Cru sends hundreds of students on summer missions worldwide; we are thrilled to have the chance to participate in this strategic opportunity.  Geoff and two of our teens went to South Africa in 2015 and we prayed for the chance to return. In 2019 we helped to lead a team of 25 students and volunteers to partner with the Mamelodi Initiative, an education and gospel initiative that began with the help of Harvard students in 2008. Mamelodi is a vast township left in the wake of apartheid, where a significant number of residents still live with no electricity or running water.  Less than 11 percent of students there qualify for university, as they often struggle with entrance exams given in English rather than in their home languages.

The Mamelodi Initiative is a tutoring program powered by a unique partnership between South African and US university student volunteers. During summer and winter breaks, college students partner as co-teachers for learners in grades 7 -12, sharing the gospel and teaching needed skills. The Mamelodi Initiative focuses on helping high school learners qualify for university acceptance, by preparing for the entrance exam. The initiative has proven to successfully change the educational trajectory for thousands of township kids since it began, breaking cycles of poverty and demonstrating God’s love in a practical way.

We want to humbly reveal Jesus to those we meet, while equipping students to advance the Kingdom. We have seen God take broken hearts and heal them with His love and grace. We have seen students consider Christ and embrace the opportunity to grow in their understanding of community.  Through evangelism and discipleship, our hope is God's desire for students to know the truth of Christ and live a passionate and authentic life for Him. 

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach students for Christ.  

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