Jerry and Dawn McCall


Jerry and Dawn McCall have served with FamilyLife in Little Rock, Arkansas for 23 years. We help FamilyLife reach millions of families through FamilyLife Today radio programs, Weekend to Remember getaways, and numerous resources, both in the U.S. and internationally. Jerry is a creative projects manager and helps to produce materials and strategies that help strengthen families and introduce adults and children to Jesus Christ. Dawn serves in the staff wives area of FamilyLife.  Jerry and Dawn have four adult children and seven grandchildren.

Question: Why did you join the staff of FamilyLife?

Answer: Before coming to FamilyLife, we worked with the high school ministry of Cru.  We saw many students coming to Christ, but students would often regress because of a poor home situation.  We knew more had to be done to help families.  We had attended the Weekend to Remember several times and we volunteered with FamilyLife, encouraging others to attend the Weekend to Remember.  Many of those marriages were deeply affected by FamilyLife's teaching.  So joining the staff of FamilyLife made perfect sense.  Now we're able to help families across the country and in many parts of the world.

Question: How does your financial support work?

Answer: We are responsible for raising all of our financial support which includes salary and benefits.  We are looking for individuals, couples, and churches who want to partner to share the gospel and reach many families for Christ.  Contributions can be made electronically in several different ways on this website or made by check.  We keep our partners informed about our work and keep them updated on FamilyLife resources and events.

We are thankful for contributions of any amount or frequency.  If you choose to make a regular contributon of some sort, we are even more appreciative because it keeps us doing our work month in and month out without interruptions to continually raise funds.  

Question: What is God doing through FamilyLife?

Answer:  More than three million people have attended the Weekend to Remember, several million listen each week to FamilyLIfe Today broadcasts, and we have partners in 109 countries.  Marriages are saved every weekend and thousands receive Christ each year through these outreaches.  

We are excited about these results, but we are also pressing onward to reach many more.

Question: Why is the work of FamilyLife so important?

Answer: FamilyLife's ministry is relevant and necessary.  It's relevant in today's culture all around the world. The family is the international language and the subject often opens doors to share God's blueprints for the family as well as the gospel.  FamilyLife's ministry is necessary because the family is the core of the church. The church's effectiveness and witness to the world is sabbotaged when it's families are falling apart. But when marriages and families in the church are strong, the church is an incredible example of God's grace and powerful tool for the gospel.

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13612 Windsor Road, Little Rock, AR 72212

501-960-8099 (Jerry), 501-240-5014 (Dawn)

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