Conda De Vries


Photo of Conda De Vries

I have served with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1983. Each position that I've had at our Headquarters has been enjoyable. This has included being the International Ministries receptionist, an assistant to the Director of International Human Resources, an assistant in Global Leadership Development, and currently in "Worldwide Challenge," the magazine of Campus Crusade, as a photo administrator. I work with the photographers, select photos for the "Outlook" section of the magazine, and fill requests for images from staff and ministries. Each day I get to work with awesome photography! I enjoy using the organizational and creative gifts that God has given me to share Christ with others. Since I'm originally from South Dakota I miss the wide open countryside. I enjoy reading, art shows, walking, and movies.

To see some of the great photography from the magazine, go to Worldwide Challenge and click on "Photo Gallery."

Have a great day in the Lord!

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