David Reeves


What if you could be part of someone coming to Christ every four minutes? Our vision is worth it, God's mission is worth it, the lost are worth it!

David's work with the JESUS Film Project is centered in the last stages of the dubbing process. Although he used to travel overseas recording languages, presently David is pretty much an eight-to-five guy at Cru's headquarters in Orlando, Florida, where the JESUS Film Studio is located. He leads the Mastering Team, which involves DVD duplication and providing file-based media tools, but ultimately they work toward the goal that no one should have to learn another language to hear about God's love for them. David fills a critical role in making it possible for people from countries all around the world to see and hear Jesus in their own language by being a conduit from the supply of JESUS Film tools to the harvest for God's kingdom.

Stephanie's passions are writing and mentoring, which are how God inspires her to participate in ministry as a "spousal affiliate" [a new Cru designation]. She shares spiritual wisdom through her blog (check out her miniseries on tandem living: https://stephreeves.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/tandem-living-going-in-the-same-direction/) and loves building into the lives of young adults, including our kids Justin, Nathan and Morgan.

They are both active in their home church as Shepherding Elders as well as mentoring and and working with the worship team.









Website: http://davidinorlando.wordpress.com/

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