Brad and Lynn Jankowski


Brad serves with Cru, in a two-fold responsibility. He works on a team raising resources here in the U.S. to send for God's work overseas. More importantly he is helping to train and equip leaders around the world to raise resources in their own nations; to become self-sustainable and not reliant on the West to provide for them. In essence, we want to move them from dependence to dignity.

This new focus is necessary if we are to see our goals accomplished. As blessed as the U.S. is, it will never be able to meet all of the needs globally. Cru President, Steve Douglass, illustrates this well in the following link if you'd like to understand our position on this better.

Lynn's serves on the Women's Resource Team and is responsible for developing, distributing and training materials like The Significant Woman around the world . In addition to these responsibilities, she assists on Brad's team to help cast the vision of the ministry to key business leaders needed to partner in the mission.

Lynn has been on staff with Cru for 36 years, and Brad for 31 years. They have three children - Devon, Derek and Lindsey (who is married to Brian and have a daughter, Emma).

If you have questions, or would like further information. Feel free to contact us, we’d love to speak with you!

Brad  (407) 489-6297                                                                                               

Lynn  (407) 496-7044

Thanks for your desire to partner with us in sharing the greatest news ever told. Blessings!


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