Matt McComas


We were both in college when we discovered what it really meant to walk with the Lord and made the decision to walk with Christ daily. The love of God and His plan for the world gripped our hearts and compelled us to go to the mission field. Today young people are searching for answers to life's deepest questions, but those questions look different because of technology and cultural issues. Only 4% of people ages 18-30 in the urban core of Portland know who Jesus is. We are working to engage and empower every Millennial (18-30 year old) in Portland with the love of Christ.

Our hearts desire is that:

  • Every Millennial in Portland, Oregon would have a chance to hear about Christ.
  • Every disciple would grow in their faith and multiple their life spiritually.
  • Every graduate has the opportunity to connect to a network of believers in a neighborhood, workplace and church in order to contribute to the work of God across our city.

We feel privileged and thankful to have been called to this ministry. Our prayer is that we would have a chance to influence the leaders of the next generation here in Portland, Oregon and around the world.

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