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We are Joe and Keijo Bollinger. Together with our 4 children, God has called us to devote ourselves to the growth of the Church by engaging in full time life-on-life discipleship. As we do this, we are building communities that authentically follow Jesus.

We believe God has called us to this work in response to a trend showing that on average the Church in the U.S. is losing more than 2.7 million people each year.  As people have left the Church, a generation has emerged in the U.S. that’s never been a part of it. They are far from God and need to meet Jesus through believers who are near to them.Jesus told his followers to “go and make disciples". Data confirms that all around the world in the places where the number of people following Jesus is growing the fastest, His followers have embraced the command to go and make disciples. But in the U.S., many conventional churches have adopted a "come and see" mindset.  Since fewer people are coming to church to learn about God, that mindset leaves communities like ours in the dark. 

 We've found God using us to come alongside the Church in a powerful way, occupying the space between the Church and the rest of the community by going out to them.In obedience to Jesus' command we go to those far from God who are closest to us. It starts at home with those in our diverse international neighborhood in Orlando and reaches outward across our city from there. We open our schedule and home for life-on-life discipleship because we believe that anytime a person far from God comes into contact with a follower of Jesus, there's an opportunity for God to work in a special way. We're "going" into that space by investing in relationships; hosting community meals, coordinating guided prayer times, facilitating exploratory Bible studies, and listening with the intention to learn. Together with our community, we're identifying needs and investing in laying a biblical foundational using resources and hosting events that aim at applying the truths of Scripture. This is how we're "making" disciples.

Learning from the example of Jesus, we know that life-on-life discipleship is long-term and relationship based, a way of life where those involved become fully known and are intentionally invested in. It happens over the entire spectrum of a person’s spiritual journey; walking with people from evangelism and discipleship to biblical community and participation in the Church.As people grow in their faith and more new people start following Jesus in community and participating in the life of the Church, it’s easy to imagine in a few short years this work expanding to communities across our city and weaving into God’s work of changing lives around the world.  To invest in this ministry, click on the "give a gift" button and follow the steps.  For more information, to view our monthly newsletters, or to contact us personally, you can follow our Facebook page.  If you want to get a feel for CITY and see some of the resources we use to disciple people, you can visit the CITY site. Thanks for your interest. Together we can do this!
Joe and Keijo Bollinger - 10135 Ridge Bloom Ave. Orlando, FL 32829 - Cell 407-803-1339

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