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Thad and Jana serve with Agapé UK, the United Kingdom ministry of Cru. Since joining Cru, they have served in Germany, providing leadership to the IT Department of Cru Western Europe, and most recently in Budapest, Hungary working on the IT Team for the Eastern Europe region.
Recently, Thad accepted the challenge to move to the UK to take on the role of Operations Director for the UK ministry. This will be a new chapter for Thad. For the first time in 20 years, he will not work directly in IT and Computers. The UK ministry wrote the following in its description of Thad's new role:
"In an environment of passionate, mission ­focused staff, the Operations Director brings professional expertise to the development of the National Strategic Plan and steers the ship in its implementation. Whilst always keeping their eye on the mission, they will bring operational expertise and strategic insight to the leadership team and balance faith­filled vision with wise stewardship as together the team seek the Lord on the on­going direction of the ministry.
The Operations Director has both professional and spiritual oversight of the Finance and IT teams and admin staff at Agapé's headquarters. Flowing from their own personal walk with the Lord, they prayerfully and servantheartedly supervise the Finance and IT team leaders and the HQ admin staff. They have overall responsibility for the functions and the teams’ spiritual and professional health and development. They model a lifestyle of trusting the Lord in all they do."
Jana's primary ministry is currently at home, but she occasionally brings her artisitic skills to the ministry in both visual arts and designing written materials. She enjoys reaching out to moms and neighbors in her community. In addition she actively participates in ballet at a local dance school, which is popular with adult women.
Thad and Jana have three sons. One who was born in frigid Germany during the winter (2008), another born in the heat of a Texas summer (2012), and lastly their youngest, born on an icy winter day in Budapest (2015). Please visit their website.  You can also find them on Facebook.
Why would an IT professional become a full-time missionary?
"You’ve gone from an IT professional in his mid-twenties working at Microsoft to one in his mid-thirties working as a missionary, and you still find yourself asking the same question, 'Lord, I’m just an IT guy, how can you use me?'" An excerpt from their story. Click on the link for their website and find "Imagine" to read the rest.
Thad and Jana thank you for your generous support of their ministry!



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