Casey Cashen


In this, the least parented generation, many feel abandoned and undesired by family and society. Desperate for love and acceptance, they will run to anything to get it: drugs, sex, alcohol, whatever the world will throw their way. God has called me to go and fight for this generation! To help tear them away from the grips of Hell and destruction with His message of Love and Redemption, to pursue those who have been cast aside and thrown away by the world and let them know they are special in His Kingdom! I have volunteered with Cru from the moment I met and fell in love with Jesus in 2005 at the age of 24. He broke my heart over the lostness and desperation of teens and the realization that if we lose this generation then we lose our future! I have been blessed to be able to minister to so many teens and share the truths of Scripture through many outreaches and through life-on-life discipleship. In 2010, I joined staff. I enjoy many things in life, spending time with friends, Bible studies, reading, discussing Scripture, video games, counseling people, the beauty of creation, prayer, and spending time with Jesus in His Word.

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