Lance and Kelsey Crandall


 Lance and Kelsey grew up miles apart and attended separate colleges (she at Missouri State, him at New Mexico State), but God used the ministry of Cru to captivate them both on their respective campuses.  Separately, they responded to the call on their lives to vocational ministry, and began to pursue more full-time work with Cru after graduation.  They were blessed to meet at a Cru Winter Conference shortly before they both were to leave to spend a year overseas with the ministry (she in Africa, he in Asia).  During this time apart, they decided they would much rather do ministry together for the rest of their lives. :)

   After marrying in December 2014, Lance and Kelsey headed back to Lance’s alma mater for three years to continue the work of engaging students with the gospel of Christ through evangelism and discipleship on campus. In the course of those three years they saw God both move in incredible ways in the lives of NMSU students AND add two children to their family-- a son (Luca) and a daughter (Evelyn, aka "Evy"). 

  As of 2018, the Crandalls are in the midst of transitioning to Manhattan, Kansas to work with Cru at Kansas State University and various surrounding campuses!  They are excited to see what God does in the coming years in Kansas, and are committed to the mission of reaching every student with the good news of Christ.  They would love to partner with you in this ministry! 


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