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#0665039 - Box of Love

Each Thanksgiving, Cru partners like you reach out to families in need in inner cities across America. By partnering with local churches, you're empowering these local ministries to reach out in a beautiful, practical way though a Box of Love.

Every $41.40 you give will provide one Box of Love with a complete Thanksgiving meal...enough to feed an inner-city family of six for two meals! That's only $3.25 per meal per person! And the best includes a gospel presentation! 

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a really big deal- lots of food and lots of family. It never even occurs to  most people that there are families who don't have anything to put on their table. 

Boxes of Love are a tangible way for YOU to meet real needs...and to demonstrate the heart of Christ. Your generous gift will be such a blessing! 

God is at work in the inner city...moving in people's lives...bringing hope out of despair...even birthing faith out of need. 

So I urge you to reach out right now and be as gene ours as you possibly can. Every $41.40 you send will provide on Box of Love! 

Yours in Christ, 

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