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The war in Ukraine has been raging since February 24, 2022. On that day everything changed drastically for our ministry in Ukraine.

Many of Cru's 120+ Ukrainian national staff have already evacuated, but most are still in the country.

We are raising funds to help the millions of internally displaced families in Ukraine.

Our missionaries who are still in Ukraine are driving over 300 miles several times a week into dangerous cities. They deliver aid like medicine, food, bottled water, and other essentials to people in shelters. When they leave, they drive fleeing families to cities that are safe. The picture above shows the vans that have been donated to our ministry for that purpose. And on the way, they can pray and share the gospel.

One staff couple in Ukraine has a generator. They ran powerlines into their shelter and let people charge their cell phones to communicate with their family and friends. While they are waiting for their devices to charge, the missionaries tell them about the hope of Jesus.

Ukrainian Cru missionaries need our help today to buy humanitarian aid and other items needed to rebuild the country

Any amount you feel led to give will go to Ukrainian staff to use as they see best to keep preaching the good news of Christ and meeting real needs during this tragic time.

Many have already been so generous, and we are incredibly grateful. But the need is still very huge.

Would you consider giving today?

Please keep everyone affected by this terrible war in your prayers.

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