Jason and Sarah Clark


People look fine on the outside, but it is often just a mask. Smiles galore, but the pain permeates the soul. Today’s young people and adults alike look healthy on the outside, but are dying on the inside. This slow death shows itself in depression, addictions, anger, broken relationships, anxiety disorders, broken families and hurting people all of whom are trying to cope and handle the sting of pain that is prevalent within. People long for a solution to the pain that is within. A longing to know God, experience joy, peace, contentment, satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment - the deep desires of the heart. Yet sit and talk with people, the mask crumbles away and the deep spiritual depravity arises. There is great hope here.

Knowing God personally by receiving Jesus is key in the healing process. This past year within the campus ministry of Cru, over 400,000 students and faculty alike made decisions for Jesus. Life-change began. It is our distinct privilege to help serve all U.S. Cru missionaries by equipping them so that many more students can come to know Jesus.

With Cru's model of WIN, BUILD, SEND we seek to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation.

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Biography: Jason came to Christ at eighteen, while his wife Sarah made the decision to receive Christ as a young child. In college, both were impacted by the ministry of Cru. After serving at a local church for six years they have since dedicated their lives with Cru to help reach people for Christ. Their desire is to introduce people to Christ, disciple them and send them into the world. Through resourcing Cru missionaries in the U.S., evangelistic preaching, relational discipleship, Bible studies and church partnership, they long to bring God's kingdom to earth and help to fulfill the Great Commission. Jason and Sarah have three beautiful children.

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