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Warriors know there’s strength in numbers. That’s why we’re inviting you to become a Patriot Partner through your monthly donation.

As a Patriot Partner, you’re saying, “You can count on me.” It shows you’re taking a stand with us … shoulder to shoulder like soldiers in battle … to help make a difference in the lives of military members and their families through the love of Jesus Christ.

Patriot Partners give monthly because they see the growing impact Cru Military has had over the past 50 years … and they believe that men and women in uniform deserve first priority to hear the gospel of Christ. One Patriot Partner told us:

“I see no better place that God would have me give than to our soldiers who need all the comfort and love that the Bible gives to us. I am sure that at this time they are all so afraid and reaching out for anything they can … and who better to reach out for but the Lord?

“Some of these men and women may never get to know the Lord if not for your resources. What a wonderful way to win more and more souls to our Lord, especially when they are in such danger.”

Any monthly gift you can give makes a powerful impact as it joins with that of others.

We just need to know we can count on you.  Thank you for standing with the military in our midst!

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