Michael Bolland


During my time at the U of MN, I was involved with Athletes in Action. 

Now, I have the honor of serving the Lord in AIA as a steward of the Gospel of Jesus.

Your financial and prayerful partnership will help me go after our ministry's mission:

"Making Disciples who Make Disciples"

Every person on the AIA Gophers Staff Team primarily does discipleship, yet we each also have our own unique and special ways we contribute to our mission. 

We each have our "niche". I knew I found my niche when I was given a nickname: Gas Tank.

Gas Tank is an endearing name to describe how our Staff Team views the value of the special ways I contribute to discipleship. Our belief is that as I operate in my giftings and utilize my skills, I provide structure, systems, and efficiency which all fuels the mission in a way to free up staff capacity for more discipleship.

If you have questions or would like to know more, please contact me.



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