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Hi, I am Krishna Chaudhary. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal with my wife Rajani and two years old son Jason. I was born on the 20th January 1989 and brought up in a simple Hinduism family. Suddenly one very bad incident happened in our family. My father passed away from us, because of liver problems. This incident traumatized me, I could not believe it, losing him was out of my understanding because at that time I was very young. 

After that I was brought to the Orphanages Hostel named (House of Hope) in Kathmandu that was a Christian Hostel. There I came to know more and more about our heavenly Father. Where I realized that although I do not have my earthly father, I have a heavenly father who always cares for me and loves me.  I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord on 26th April 2005 and took baptism. 

Through my life changed my whole family turned to Christ, also some of my relatives as well, this way God chose my family. Economically my family background is not good that’s why I used to do labor work. But God’s provision in my life is different. He wants me to be a labor of Him to catch men for His Kingdom. 

One day My Pastor Kailash Kariya came to my house and challenged me to take a GCTC staff training of Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ but mentally I am not ready for the training, because of my family background and ministry of NCCC is a faith ministry. Again My Pastor visited me and he encouraged me for the training and he himself filled-up the training form and did the needed things. Through God’s provision I was selected for GCTC training. 

GCTC training helped me to be a better person and a better minister of Lord and after completion the GCTC training I worked in the upper far western part of Nepal for two years, where I got a chance to share the love of Christ to different cultures and languages people. I got a chance to understand their language and great experience I gained with lovely people. 

Time files, nine years have passed, I have seen many ups and downs in ministry and my experience has taught me to be a more passionate, hardworking and faithful. I praise God for choosing me and allowing me to help fulfill the Great Commission. This way I came to know Jesus and Serving Lord through NCCC ministry.

In addition, help us, this and every day, to live more nearly as we pray.

  • Pray for religious tolerance in Nepal. Christian community may get freedom to share their faith with others in a relational environment.
  • Pray for the current situation of COVID-19.
  • Pray for God’s provision that He would supply all our needs.
  • Pray for Godly wisdom and that He will give us success beyond our vision.
  • My monthly ministry need is $600, please pray that God would supply through His people.
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In His Service Krishna Chaudhary
Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ
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