Taylor Bump


Taylor felt the call to join Cru as a full-time intern in her senior year of college at the University of North Florida in 2015. She had joined the ministry just a year prior but had already seen incredible growth in her own life and the lives of others around her. When she considered what was the most efficient use of the experiences she'd had so far and the talents the Lord had given her, she kept coming back to the thought of full-time ministry. The idea of giving the best hours of her day towards transforming the lives of girls and reaching the nations just like her seemed so rewarding and strategic. 

Having already been involved on her campus through leading small groups, discipling underclassmen, and speaking at weekly meetings, Taylor took the natural step of interning with Cru back at the University of North Florida. About halfway through the year, it hit her that she'd found her dream job. With that in mind, she applied for full-time staff and received a new placement.

A city five million strong—85% unchurched. Half a million students. 

People hearing the name of Jesus for the first time.

It's not a far-flung international city, it's a city right here in the United States. Miami. Home to one of the highest populations of refugees and international students in the Southeast, Miami is an incredibly strategic location for the kingdom of God. Taylor is joining Cru in trusting the Lord to reach 150 million college students of the world with the message of Christ, through the college campuses of Miami. Will you join her team for $100 or some other amount a month to see her report to campus as quickly as possible?


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