Matthew Rial



I get the really cool opportunity to go back to Albania to see what God is doing in and through Albanians. Hopefully, He will move in and through me as well. For the short version of the story, I am on an awesome team of folks headed to Elbasan, Albania to help put on something similar to what we call vacation Bible school. We also get a good amount of time with the high schoolers in small groups. 

While they have a different cultural background, many of them struggle with similar things as Americans. Personally, I get to talk about being a recovering addict from pornography. I also get to talk about materialism, social media, and how life is not found in the American Dream. It's so cool to see God's truth engage with people born in very different circumstances. 

I am also super excited for my team. We've met a couple times and I am looking forward to seeing how they enjoy the ministry we get to do. Last year, my favorite part was seeing how my team enjoyed spending time with the Albanians and pointing them to the truth. It's hard to wait until I get to see more of that!

I could use some help for this trip. First and foremost, I could use some prayer. Nothing meaningful is gonna happen without God's help. Also, there is a financial need. It costs $3,000 for me to go. If you are excited about helping with this need, please hit the giving button on this page and remember that any amount helps. If you have ANY questions before doing that, PLEASE feel free to reach out to me and ask!!  

I hope this finds you well, 


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