Nicolas and Katy Arguello


Hello Family & Friends! 

We are thrilled to share with you that we are going back to Albania this summer for 16 days! 

When we made our lifelong marriage covenant on November 17, 2018 – we promised to each other and to God that our marriage would be used for His glory! While in Dallas, we have been able to pour into the lives of many teenagers through weekly discipleship programs at Watermark called Wake (6th – 8th grade) and Shoreline (9th-12th grade). This summer, we get to do a lot more of the same, but abroad – what a privilege to be God’s hands and feet in Eastern Europe! 

We feel led to return to Albania because we understand that middle school and high school are very formative years in the lives of those who will be the leaders of tomorrow. During those years, teenagers begin to develop a desire for meaning and purpose in their lives. When the kids come to the Christian summer camp (“Ice and Spice”), they experience something that they deeply desire: a sense of belonging and acceptance. Our ultimate purpose is to bring them one step closer to a personal relationship with Christ; we do so by befriending them and loving them right where they are – not as a project, but as children of the most High King. 

 This year, we will be partnering with Campus Crusade for Christ by participating in a summer camp in Tirana (capital of Albania) during the first week and then leading a summer camp in Korçë during the second week. During these weeks, we will have the opportunity to play games, teach English classes, do team-building activities, build friendships, have conversations over coffee, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last year, God transformed our hearts in so many ways, we learned to deepen our roots in Him, to be faithful even after discouraging spiritual conversations, to humble ourselves and put other people's lives and needs above our own, but most importantly, we learned to depend on God! 

Why Albania you may ask? The truth is that there is a need for Jesus everywhere in the world. However, we chose Albania because when communism fell 28 years ago and the war in Kosovo ended in 2000, Albania was left with a strong need for spiritual healing. Upon the fall of communism, people were then able to make a personal decision regarding their faith – and unfortunately, today less than 1% of the total population proclaims to be Christian evangelical. 

Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to make God's name known in Albania!

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