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For the third year in a row, I plan to travel on a short-term discipleship trip, to provide ministry through teaching Bible studies and sharing the Gospel with young adults in Tirana Albania.  This ministry will be a part of a larger ministry that will also minister to high-school students in Albania, provide an English camp in Hungary, and continue to develop a recovery ministry in Poland.  All together there are thirty-nine folks who will be going on this trip, and seven specifically on the young professional team that I will be a part of.

The young professional team will be in Albania for a week.  We will start the week having two seminars: the first seminar will be focused on a professional topic and the second seminar will be a Gospel presentation.  During the week, we will be meeting with various young professionals in the various coffee shops in Tirana with the intent of sharing the Gospel and building a relationship.  At the end of the week we will host a weekend retreat for young adults who are already a Believer.  The retreat will provide discipleship through large group teaching sessions and small group Bible studies.

Albania is consistently ranked among the least religious countries in the world. After World War II, the Communist regime took control and systematically persecuted and suppressed all religious observance and institutions. It eventually banned religion to the extent that Albania was officially declared to be the world's first atheist state.  This year marks the 27th anniversary of the fall of Communism and the return of religious freedom to Albania. Today, roughly 60% of the Albanian population adheres to Islam, 15% is Christian and the remaining 25% belongs to other religious groups or is not religious at all. There is a great need for spiritual healing in Albania and an incredible opportunity to spread the Gospel.

May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!

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