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God is so so Good! This summer I have the opportunity to be part of a team going to Poland for a missions trip. For the 5th year in a row, young adults from Watermark Community Church, through a partnership with Cru, are once again traveling to  Eastern Europe on a Short-Term Discipleship Trip to share the love of Christ and how He truly transforms lives!

The unique experience of the Poland trip was brought about by an expressed desire of the Poland CRU staff to participate in Re:Generation, a biblical recovery ministry developed at Watermark. The vision was for a team of American Re:Gen veterans to go and launch step groups among the Polish CRU staff. This goal had the support and blessing of both top-level Polish leadership as well as the Watermark elders, and so the process began!

As of January 2019 there are now several step groups working through Step 4: Inventory, being mentored remotely via Google Hangouts by their American group leaders! We are currently planning a return trip to celebrate their commencement and fully hand off the mentorship responsibilities to the CRU staff in Poland.

I myself have walked through the ReGen process both as a participant and a leader. I definitely have a passion for this ministry and it truly did transform my life. God worked through hurt, guilt, shame, and brokenness throughout this process. If you would like to hear my full Re:Generation testimony here it is:

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May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!

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