Michael and Olivia Fitzpatrick


         Hello, we are the Fitzpatricks, Michael Fitzpatrick(Fitz) and Olivia Fitzpatrick. Fitz graduated from Umass Amherst in 2016 with a degree in Kinesiology. In the fall of 2017 Fitz began working with Cru at that same University. Fitz works alongside the young people on campus to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and give as many students as a possible a chance to be encountered by the love of Christ.Fitz loves the young people on campus and works to build deep relationships with them as he mentors them and encourages them to walk with God a little more each day.

        Olivia graduated from Indiana University after the fall semester of 2016. During Olivia's time at IU she was introduced to Cru. Olivia saw what it looked like for young people to be making their faith their own. In this ministry Olivia experienced life changing relationships that grew her in her walk with the Lord. One of those being her mentor, a Cru intern, Alicia. Alicia grew Olivia's wisdom of God as well as helped sanctify her walk with the Lord. After experiencing this relationship, Olivia had it on her heart to do the same for other women. 

After interning at Umass for the past two years, God has put it on our hearts to join full time staff with Cru. Having a passion for the outdoors, we specifically feel led to Cru's outdoor ministry, Lifelines (read more about this ministry here:https://www.lifelinesoutdoors.com/about-us/#who-we-are) We believe God's creation is one powerful way God reveals himself to people. We also believe the outdoors can be a place non-believers feel more comfortable to enter in to. This ministry specifically focuses on grace and truth relationships with God, ourselves, and others. We have officially been assigned to Boulder, CO. Similar to Umass, we will be doing campus ministry at the University of Boulder which has approximately 30,000 students. We also will be serving as a resource to the surrounding colleges to take students on trips where, in the midst of outdoor adventure, we have open discussions about God and his gospel. 

Our Personal Ministry Website: https://spark.adobe.com/page/S1mLphCpx9HYD/

Website: give.cru.org/Fitz&Liv

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