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Welcome to my personal giving page!

Hello! My name is Rachel Beise (formerly Sartor). I am have been married to a wonderful godly man named Eric for going on 2 years in June (still rookies!). Although I am originally from NJ, I went to the University of Minnesota 2009-2013 and was on the Women's Rowing team. During my time as student-athlete, a teammate invited me to be a part of a campus ministry. Although I had grown up in a wonderful christian home and Jesus called me to faith in him in high School, the Lord used that college teammate and ministry to grow my love for Jesus and His word and learn about discipleship. He pulled me deeper into relationship with him and showed me the freedom and true identity I have In Christ. Over those four years God gave me a heart for sharing the gospel and investing my life in discipling younger women. 

After college I begged God to let me go on staff full time as a missionary to the college campus. But, it was very clear that he was saying "no" and all the doors were closed. So, I pursued working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and a coach for the past 5 years. God used that time to grow my roots in trusting him and his character and to train me in other aspects of walking as a believer in the world. 

Then, in 2016, through various means, God connected me and a former teammate of mine (Caitlin) to Athletes in Action. We really resonated with the mission of making disciples. I had connections on the rowing team and a heart to invest there. So, over the past year I have volunteer-led a discipleship group of rowers with Caitlin. It was one of the highlights of my year. 

Then this past fall, God made it clear that he was calling me into ministry with AIA more than just as a volunteer. God opened seemingly every door and now I am SO excited to be commissioned as a missionary to the college campus as Part-Time Field Staff at the University of Minnesota. I cannot wait to pursue our mission to make genuine Disciples of Jesus Christ amongst the next generation of nearly 750 student-athletes at the U of M. 

It still blows my mind that God saw it fit to use people like you and me to proclaim his Gospel to the world. Whether you are already a ministry partner on my team or are considering it I just wanted to say thank you. I believe strongly that we are never called into Kingdom work alone! I want to encourage you that God calls us to pursue his Kingdom and his purposes for our joy and his glory. There is no higher calling!

As an AIA staff member, I have the responsibility to develop a team of prayer and financial partners who provide the necessary finances for my outreach. This includes my salary and ministry expenses.  In order to report to my assignment on the campus as soon as possible, I will need to be fully funded. So, I’m humbly asking friends and family to seek the Lord in prayer and ask if he his calling them to support me monthly or in one time gifts. There is no pressure or guilt, only joyful obedience to our Father as you feel led! Your partnership in prayer and in finances can make a difference in reaching people for Christ. 

​To learn more about me, and the ministry of Athletes in Action at The University of Minnesota:

email: rachel.beise@athletesinaction.org

phone: 507-251-3913


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