Jaclyn Ryan


Jaclyn Ryan is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Advertising with an outside concentration in Religion. In her last year of undergrad, Jaclyn is hoping to work as a Part-Time Field staff for Cru at UF, specifically working with the Greek Ministry, Doulos at UF.

Jaclyn's ministry focus is in creating an online ministry at UF that creates a space for students to develop professional, resume-building skills (such as photography, videography, social media, advertising, and branding efforts), while simultaneously growing in one's relationship with God. 

" I have a desire to tell the stories all around me through compelling visual storytelling. I have a passion for mutual vulnerability and communal encouragement that in turn facilitates groundbreaking growth. In order to begin my work at UF, I am trusting God to raise a team of prayer partners and financial investors willing to give monthly (or any) amounts by August to help resources my evangelism, discipleship, and ministry efforts. Will you consider helping me do the work God has for me at the University of Florida campus?"

Thank you!

Jaclyn Ryan

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