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Hi there! 

I have the amazing opportunity to return to Elbasan, Albania for a short-term discipleship trip this summer from July 5th - July 14th, 2019. Similar to last year, in partnership with Cru & the local church, we will be helping run a summer camp (called "Ice & Spice") for high school students in Elbasan. We will have the opportunity to play games, lead team building activities, build friendships, have conversations over coffee, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you missed my recap letter last year, my two favorite parts of the 2018 camp were the traditional dancing and conversations with the Albanian students. 

Why? Teaching each other different dances (including Copperhead Road) & continuously messing up Albanian steps to the laughter of our Albanian small group (pictured above) provided opportunities to bond & build friendships across languages. In general, Albanian culture us much more relational than our own. They truly care how you are doing, are rarely on time, and thoroughly enjoy just sitting & drinking coffee with you.  Most of the students in Elbasan come from nominally Muslim families and are open to discussing faith & the Gospel. 

This is the 7th year Watermark is able to travel with Cru & participate in short-term discipleship trips in Albania. In 2019, we have six teams: three teams focused on high school ministry in different Albanian cities, one team serving young professionals in Albania, one team serving in Hungary, and one team going to Poland to continue training others & hold commencement for Re:gen, a Biblical-based 12 step program. 

Will you please pray for our team & the friends we will meet abroad? If you would like to give a financial gift as well, just click the "Give a Gift" button to make a donation by credit card or by bank account transfer. 

Thank you for reading through to learn about all we're aiming to do to build God's kingdom and for considering ways you can help us get there. May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!


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