Jenn Saucier


Who is Jenn?

I am a 7th grade Texas History teacher and 3rd grade girls Small Group leader at Watermark.  I was raised in a loving home where faith and serving mattered. This led to my baptism on August 7th, 2005. I began missions work in the summer of 2006, and this year I will be taking my 12th mission trip and 4th international mission trip. Last summer I was able to be a part of this trip and found a deep passion for the country of Albania and its students.  To this day I am still invested in the lives of several students and look forward to working with them again this coming summer! 

Where are we going?

I will be returning to Tirana, Albania where we partner with Cru and RPJ, the local church. Tirana is the Coffee capital of the world and also a place yearning for God's love and the gospel. Most students are in the process of discovering their faith as their parents and grandparents were raised in an atheistic country during communism.

I  also have the joy of being part of a launch preparing for a new summer trip to Shkoder, Albania. We will be there to see the needs of their college ministry so we can meet them next year.

What are we doing?

In partnership with Cru, we will be helping run summer camps for high school students. We will play games, do team building activities, build friendships, go for coffees with students, and share the Gospel. As believers we are called to spread to Good News and grow the kingdom. More than anything I will have the chance to further the relationships I have already built. 

How can you help?

You can help with our mission from your own home. Will you please prayerfully consider helping in one of two ways. Either giving a financial gift or set aside time to pray for our trip and help me make a difference in these student's lives? May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!

My Individual Goal

I need to fundraiser a total of $3,500 for my trips. This fundraising is broken up into mile markers. The first of which is $1,700 by May 10th. The second marker is $2,700 by June 10th. The final marker is $3,500 by June 29th. 

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