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Welcome to my support page!!!

For the 7th year in a row,  Watermark Community Church members, through a partnership with Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ), are once again traveling to Eastern Europe on a Short-Term Discipleship Trip to minister to High School students, Young Adults, and Future Leaders. It is amazing to see what God has done with our Eastern Europe teams. This year 40 people will be headed to 3 different countries on 6 different team!

Specifically my team will be traveling to Hungary from August 4th - August 12th.  We will be doing street evangelism in the town of Pecs (pronounced "Page"). We will have the opportunity to seek opportunities to engage with high-school and college aged students with Gospel centered conversations. We will also be hosting an English camp where we will play games, do team building activities, build friendships, and all while seeking to dive deeper of what it means to place your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all.

I have a total of three targeted due dates that I need to reach by June 29th; each building towards a total amount of $3,000. Here are the dates and amounts to reach:

  • May 10th - $1,700
  • June 14th - $2,200
  • June 29th - $3,000

Will you please consider the following:

  • Partner with me by  praying if you are to be able financial give? ​
    • To give just click the "Give a Gift" button to make a donation by credit card or by bank account transfer.
  • I am also available to discuss last years trip with you if you would like first hand account on my experience and the opportunity I see to make a difference in Hungary.
    • Feel free to contact me by email,, and we can set something up!
  • Purchasing a T-Shirt by May 5th in support of any of the the three team, either Albania, Poland, Hungary, or all three!! Please ask me how to order.

Thanks for your consideration and prayers!!!

Please check the link below if you are interested to how I am doing with my fundraising goals.


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