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Hi friends!

About 5 years ago God stepped into my life and showed me that there was nothing more or less I had to do to earn his love; that God’s love isn’t earned or worked for, it’s given freely as a gift. I now have an amazing opportunity to join a group of young adults from Watermark Community Church and travel to Albania for a short term discipleship trip and share how God has impacted my life.

For the 6th year in a row Watermark will be partnering with CRU to minister to High School students and Young Adults/Future Leaders of Albania. It is amazing to see what God has done with our team in just 6 short years, going from 3 people to 39 this year!! Our trip dates will be from June 29 to July 9.

This year (2018) marks the 27th anniversary of the fall of Communism and the 18th anniversary of the end of war in neighboring Kosovo, which included the deportation of 800,000 ethnic Albanians and the mass genocide of Kosovo Albanians. Today, there is still a great need for spiritual healing and the Gospel in Albania.

In partnership with Cru, we will be helping run summer camps for high school students in Tirana, Elbasan, and Korce. We will have the opportunity to play games, do team building activities, build friendships, have conversations over coffee, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to that, we will be serving the recently formed Albanian Young Professionals Group and building into the future leaders and young adults of Tirana, not to mention sharing with them our ultimate hope in the Gospel.

We will have a total of 40 participants broken up into 6 different teams, across 3 different countries (Albania, Poland, and Hungary), in 5 different cities, and participating in 3 distinct ministries. Will you please pray for all the participants? Will you please pray for all those who we will encounter in all the cities, that their hearts and minds are softened to hear and receive the good news that God sent Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior?

Will you please give a financial gift to help me make a difference in these people's lives for all eternity? Just click the "Give a Gift" button to make a donation by credit card or by bank account transfer.

Also, to follow our entire teams journey, check out the link below. May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!

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