Jack Conlin


I am excited to be joining staff with AIA at Cal Berkeley's campus in Fall 2018!  Throughout my four years at Cal, and through my involvement in AIA, I have enjoyed unbelievable hospitality, compassion, joy, and community.   I had the opportunity to be a serve on the student leadership team the past two years and served as president last year.  In these two years, I got a taste for the incredible vision that the staff had for a discipleship movement in the athletic department.  It was amazing to experience the real hunger that Cal athletes have for a personal relationship with Jesus. There are many athletes at Cal who are attempting to find their identity in their sport, academics, or social life.  I hope that I can serve those students and help them understand that their identity in sport, school, and socially, though important, does not define them.  I want to be someone students can turn to when they feel lost, and alone in the competitive environment of D1 athletics and academics. I am overjoyed to be on an AIA campus team.

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