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Friends and Family,

This summer I’ll be blending my passions of faith and travel by participating in a Short-Term Discipleship Trip.  I’m humbled and excited to have been accepted onto a team of 40 believers who, in partnership with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), will travel to Eastern Europe to share the Gospel.  I will be serving with the Young Professionals Group in Tirana, Albania from July 6th to 15th 2019.

The Dallas-based team is sending people to assist summer projects.  Outreach will include two seminars over the course of a week; the first, pre-evangelistic and focused on a professional theme, the second, centered on the Gospel.  Throughout the week we will meet with individuals and small groups to build relationships and examine faith.  At the end of the week we will invite the believers to join us for a retreat where we will further equip them on sharing the Gospel and share insights on living out the Christian Worldview in the workplace.

We are investing in Albania’s future leaders because there is still a great need for spiritual healing and the Gospel.  This year (2019) marks the 28th anniversary of the fall of Communism and the 19th anniversary of the end of war in neighboring Kosovo, which included the deportation of 800,000 Albanians and the mass genocide of Kosovo Albanians.

Please join me in prayer.  Pray for me, the Dallas team, the staff in Albania, and those whom we hope to reach with the good news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

If you are able and cheerfully willing, please partner with me financially.  The total cost for a week in Albania is $3,000 USD. I hope to raise $1700 by Friday, May 10th and the remainder by June 14th.  Your gift will fund transportation costs, food, lodging, translators, and supplies to support the team in its mission.  Any funds raised above and beyond the total for the team trip will be directed to ongoing operations for the Albania team.

Will you please give a financial gift to help me make a difference in these people's lives for all eternity? Just click the "Give a Gift" button to make a donation by credit card or by bank account transfer. May God be glorified through this marvelous opportunity!


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