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There was one Box of Love® left. Pepe and Irma, members of a partner church of Cru® Inner City, knew exactly where to take it. A local program had told them about a family struggling to make ends meet.

When Pepe and his wife Irma knocked on 11-year-old Alex's trailer home door on Thanksgiving Day, Alex was surprised. "How did you know about our need?"
The Box of Love, filled with all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal, was a welcomed blessing for Alex's cash-strapped family. But it also opened the door for Pepe and Irma to engage him in a conversation. And he had a lot to share!
His father had been shot three times and could barely walk. Alex wondered out loud how something like this could happen. And he worried — about his dad, his mom, himself, and his little sister.

Before that Thanksgiving, Alex's family had never heard the gospel. So Pepe gave them the Box of Love, shared about Jesus, and promised to return. And he did, coming back weekly for 8 months to teach about God's love!

Eventually, Alex and his family placed their faith in Jesus, and it has transformed their lives! They attend church regularly. Alex's previously strained relationship with his father has improved. And his mother is sharing the gospel with other people in her life.

Every time you donate a Box of Love, you create an opportunity for local churches to share the gospel with families just like Alex's. Would you consider touching more lives by filling a Box of Love for a hungry family this season? With just $41.40, you can fill one box that feeds a family of six. Help provide those in need with a meal that could change a life!

Thanks for giving, for praying and for living out God's heart for the poor.


Renae Kemp
Aaron Robertson
Co-City Directors


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