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In 2019, Keisha, a single mom, lost her job — then her apartment. She and her three young children were sleeping on the floor of the local police department, a temporary winter "overflow" shelter.

While there, Keisha heard about an event at one of Cru Inner City's local ministry partners to support individuals experiencing homelessness. She went with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She needed a job. She needed housing for her children. She was overwhelmed with worry.

Our partners listened. They offered direction on housing and possible employment. And thanks to committed friends like you, they gave Keisha a real treasure: a Homeless Care Kit.

Keisha respectfully asked for three more.

The police department was cold at night, she explained. The floor, even more so. She was worried for her children. The blankets in the Homeless Care Kits would be such a blessing.

As Keisha clutched the Care Kits close, tears of joy and sorrow began to stream down her cheeks. Our partner prayed for Keisha—and then with her. Keisha dedicated her life to Jesus Christ.

The worry on Keisha's face turned to joy. "He has restored my soul," Keisha shared through tears.

This is the gift we're asking you to give to people like Keisha this winter — to be part of bringing hope and transformation to those who are experiencing hardship.

Every $38.75 you give today will provide one Homeless Care Kit - and empower our ongoing inner-city ministry. If God leads you to give $77.50, you'll share two Kits ... $116.25 provides three ... Maybe you can give even more. Help us reach our goal to supply 250 Homeless Care Kits to our partner churches and ministries in the Twin Cities this year.

Thank you for your partnership in sharing God's love with someone in need!


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