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Already a year behind when COVID-19 hit, Jason, a second-grader with special needs, wanted nothing to do with online learning. Zoom was just too much for his developing mind to absorb.

His parents, first generation immigrants, were struggling to meet his needs. Dad was working long hours, and Mom was also juggling the needs of a younger son who showed signs of requiring specialized care as well.

"I felt overwhelmed and unsupported," Erika, Jason's mom, said.

That all changed last fall after Jason was given a PowerPack®, a backpack filled with school supplies and children's gospel materials, through one of Cru® Inner City's partner churches. Jason was thrilled to have something special for school, even if his classes were online.

In addition to the Good News, the church volunteers were also able to tell Erika about the congregation's after-school mentoring program; it was the perfect place for Jason to learn more about God and get one-on-one academic help.

With this additional support, Jason has transformed from being stressed and withdrawn to now volunteering to pray for his friends! "I've seen him grow academically, socially and spiritually," Erika said.

And she's been impacted as well! Erika used to feel like she didn't have family in the community, but now the church has become her family.

And it all started with a PowerPack.

By providing PowerPacks®, you're creating outreach opportunities for inner-city churches to make an eternal difference for kids like Jason, and their families. Would you consider multiplying your impact today? Just $97.35 will supply three children with a PowerPack; $32.45 will meet the needs of one child. Every PowerPack you give creates an opportunity to share the gospel. Every PowerPack invites others into a family.

Anything you can give will make a difference!



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