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My Call to Ministry

My name is Alyssa Ward and I am 22 years old. I graduated from Grove City College this past May with majors in Communications and Spanish. Throughout high school and college I've realized my passion for speaking Spanish and learning about other cultures. This inspired me to study abroad in Seville, Spain during the fall of my junior year. During my time there I lived with a host-mom, got connected with two missionaries in Spain, and tutored a local family in English. This experience really opened my eyes to the beauty of the Spanish culture, but also showed me the need for the Gospel in Spain. Although Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, many people do not affiliate with any religion and thus do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Though I knew I wanted to do something with Spanish, I did not know what that would look like. This uncertainty prompted me to seek God everyday about His plans for my life after college. Through prayer the Holy Spirit placed a desire on my heart to serve Him in missions. I began to gain the mindset that God will provide for me in all circumstances. Shortly after this Cru in Western Europe reached out to me and I got connected with a missionary in Spain. When she told me about the opportunity to work in student ministry in Spain, I knew this was an answer to prayer. Everything she told me lined up with my passions and skills all while glorifying God and thus fulfilling a purpose greater than myself. I believe that this opportunity will allow me  use my Spanish skills to honor God through relating and communicating effectively with locals in Spain. 

My Specific Role

I will be working with a team of interns in student ministry at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain consisting of over 85,000 students. I will be going on campus and initiating relationships with students, as well as discipling students through Bible studies, student retreats, and mission trips. These activities are meant to build them in their faith and encourage them to share what they have learned with others. I will also be participating in English clubs, game nights, and hiking trips to build community among those who are seeking to know more about God. 

It is clear that God is at work and transforming lives through missionaries in Spain. I know that He will use my team and I to bring an increasing number of students and faculty into a relationship with Himself.

Thank You

My role of impacting students for Christ in Madrid will be made possible through the development of a team of ministry partners that both prays and gives financially.  By clicking "Give a Gift" you can give a monthly or one time amount significant to you.

Thank you for joining me as I use the gifts God has given me to serve others and share the Gospel.

See photos from my experience in Spain above.

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