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My Call to Ministry

My name is Alyssa Ward and I am 23 years old. Through my experiences traveling and serving in Madrid this year, I've realized my passion for speaking Spanish and working with people from other cultures. The first time I went to Spain in 2019 my eyes were opened to the beauty of the Spanish culture, but also the apathy towards spirituality in Western Europe. Although Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, many people do not affiliate with any religion nor have a personal relationship with Jesus. Through prayer the Holy Spirit placed a desire on my heart to serve Him with Cru this past year. This incredible experience has allowed me to use the gifts God has given me to show Christ’s love to students in Spain. Over the past year I worked with other interns to start a ministry at two private universities in Madrid, Spain. After adjusting to the transition of moving abroad and becoming more comfortable with the language, we spent time going on campus, initiating relationships with students, and telling them about Q - Cristianos Universitarios (Cru in Spain). We created ways for students to get to know each other more, practice their English, and grow in their faith. As well as hosting English clubs and starting an exploratory Bible study, we also had the opportunity to serve at the Q national student conference. At the conference students were able to connect with other believers and grow in relationship with each other and the Lord. We also volunteered with GAiN, a nonprofit that responds to humanitarian emergencies, by  helping them put together packages to send to Ukranian refugees. 

My Specific Role

This past year has shown me that God is at work and transforming lives through this ministry. Though working abroad has its challenges, the Lord has given me peace about continuing to live and serve in Spain this upcoming year. This September I will be moving to Granada, a smaller city located in the southern part of Spain to continue working in student ministry. Because it is a college town, there is a huge need to build the ministry and disciple the current students involved there. I am excited for the opportunity to build relationships with new students and help them grow in their faith. 

Thank You

My role of impacting students for Christ in Granada will be made possible through the development of a team of ministry partners that both prays and gives financially.  By clicking "Give a Gift" you can give a monthly or one time amount significant to you. Thank you for joining me as I use the gifts God has given me to serve others and share the Gospel.

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