Adonis Carrasco


This summer I have an opportunity to participate in a leadership development project at the headquarters of Cru. For 10 weeks, I will be living in Orlando with 30 other students, working during the day at Cru headquarters in my field of study, and participating in leadership development and outreach project activities in the evenings and over the weekends.

With over 5,000 staff from across the USA, as well as thousands more international, Cru has a worldwide impact. Working at the headquarters will leverage my time for the most significant impact I could make this summer. I desire to learn how to apply my God-given skills and talents to help reach individuals for Christ.

The more I learn about the headquarters of Cru, the more I realize that not only is Cru much bigger than I imagined but that God is at work in ways I previously hadn't imagined. I am excited about trusting God to use me along with our team to serve the Cru field staff and involved Cru students during my summer. Besides working during the day in my field, I will also be mentored and challenged to grow in my walk with God and leadership potential.

The total cost for this summer mission is $4,800 which will cover our housing, local transportation, most of my meals, and ministry expenses. Would you consider partnering with me in reaching Central Florida and the world through a special gift?

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