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#2576055 - Reach Hungry Hearts with "JESUS"

Give the most wonderful of all gifts, the gospel…to people who have never heard! Let me tell about what just one gift can do—a DVD of “JESUS.”

Paul is a committed evangelist in London who has given out thousands of “JESUS” DVDs to Muslim immigrants. Bold and loving, Paul entered a restaurant. He saw a young immigrant man at a table. From his appearance, he knew the man was from a nation highly resistant to the gospel. I will call the young man Mohad.[1]

Paul approached him with the traditional Arabic greeting, “As-salamu alaykum” (peace be upon you) and Paul said that instead of being resistant, Mohad was very open to talking. So, Paul reached into his bag and offered him a gift, a DVD of “JESUS” in his heart language. He accepted and watched. Here is Mohad’s testimony:

“I am Somali. I was born into my religion but left for several reasons. I struggled with much I believed and experienced. Later, I started reading the Bible and discovered for the first time that God was loving and kind, and that He could be my Father and friend and I could be one of His sons. This was totally different from the harsh picture of God that I believed in.  I thought I was nothing more than his 24-hour slave. I also searched in other religions, but could not find the answers I sought.

“Then last year, a Christian gave me the ‘JESUS’ film while I was sitting in a café. I watched, and we met at my house many times. He explained that we can only be saved by trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. I decided I wanted to become a Christian.

“Since then I don’t feel lonely. I have someone to talk to, and God gives me peace in my heart. He tells me He is with me, and I feel this. He has given me an appetite to read the Bible every day and when I do this, I feel closer to Him. He also helps me not to be afraid of what others (his fellow Somalis) will do to me when I tell them I’m a Christian.”

Pray that Mohad will have boldness and confidence to share his new faith with his countrymen, even through giving them a DVD of “JESUS.” Please also pray for thousands of workers like Paul who daily are giving the DVDs to thousands around the world. Pray that the Word, heard in the language of their hearts, will transform many, many lives! Thank you.

This is a worldwide vision. From the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, to Central Asia, war-torn South Sudan, the Philippines, Siberia, South America, and mountain kingdoms like Bhutan, this equipment is needed so people might experience “JESUS,” hear the Word of God and be reconciled to Him and their fellow man. Willing, committed workers are ready, zealous to go—even in the most difficult of places. But they need the tools, new, portable equipment to show them “JESUS.”

Hundreds of organizations, churches, volunteers and partners who are using “JESUS,” “Magdalena” (to reach women), “The Story of Jesus for Children” and other Jesus Film products are asking for equipment to reach their targeted language groups.

They do much of the work, showing “JESUS,” doing follow-up and church planting. Our role, enabled by your gracious partnership, is to help supply the translations, training and equipment. This is why we have so many requests for these marvelously compact, effective tools, some requests being urgent.    

Perhaps you can look at the list of giving options below as a family, or in your small group. Here you’ll find several tools these partners are requesting, ways you can give people “JESUS.”

For instance, you might be in a position to send a Church-Planting Resource Kit. The partners who receive this tool agree to show “JESUS” 50 to 100 times each year. You might feel led to send $90 for a pack of 20 DVDs, and help reach up to 220 people. Or, your gift of $67 will send a “Light Their World” Lamp and Gospel Audio Player to Middle East refugees. These tools are in great demand.

You might want to help people hear and understand the Word of God by sending a video tablet preloaded with “JESUS” and other Jesus Film evangelism and discipleship films for a gift of $285.

Or, you may feel prompted to help support a “JESUS” film team, providing for their expenses, travel, tools and follow-up materials. Please prayerfully consider if God would have you provide one or more of these life-transforming tools. Your gift of any amount will be a wonderful encouragement to them.

Jesus Film Christmas Gift List

  • DVDs of "JESUS," Evangelism and Follow-Up Tools -- $90 provides 20 DVDs
  • Video Tablet -- $285
  • "Light Their World" Lamp and Gospel Audio Player -- $67
  • Traveling Film Teams -- $315 for a week
  • Video Projector Set -- $1,525
  • Reach a Village or Neighborhood and Help Plant a Church -- $175
  • Evangelism Church Planting Resource Kit (with solar panels) and Screen Set -- $3,240

As one ministry partner wrote: “What a blessing the new projectors are! Many, many, many people are seeing the ‘JESUS’ film and turning to Jesus in faith, receiving the forgiveness for their sins and eternal life in Him. People are seeing Jesus for the first time in remote villages … thanks to Jesus Film Project's generous donors! Their reward in heaven will be great! In three years, while using the Jesus Film projector, one worker has seen many, many miracles and planted 75 churches!”

Thank you for your partnership. I invite you and your family to carefully pray about the many ways you can give the world Jesus. My wife, Elizabeth, and I, as well as all the staff, partners, volunteers and teams, wish you the very best of Holiday Seasons. May God bless you richly as you share the Light of the World this Christmas, both at home and around the world.

Until Everyone Sees Jesus,

Erick Schenkel, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Jesus Film Project


P.S. Partner churches, organizations, film teams and volunteers around the world will use your gifts as they labor toward one magnificent goal—that everyone, everywhere, will learn what Jesus has done for them. If possible, please send your gift by December 31, 2017, allowing you to claim a tax deduction on your 2017 tax year. You can also give via your credit/debit card at (800) 918-9929. Or you can post your gift directly on this page. As year-end approaches, consider gifts of appreciated property, IRAs, stocks or securities. Very substantial tax savings are possible, as your giving furthers the kingdom. To learn more, please contact Ben Grames or Debbie Williams (stock administrators), toll free at (888) 278-7233 or email them at: Thank you.

[1] A pseudonym to protect his privacy. These testimonies have been edited for security and brevity.

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