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When we helped one of our partners train four of their missionaries how to use oral Bible stories in an unreached people group in Ethiopia, we learned that only six months later, the missionaries had planted a church based on the Bible stories. To check the accuracy of this report, a team went to Ethiopia and found not one, but nine flourishing churches with 80 believers. Seven months later, the number of believers grew to 533. Today, these churches in Ethiopia continue to flourish and grow.

Why stories? Because stories and songs are how unreached oral people groups pass down their culture, history and values. Oral Bible stories speak to them!

StoryRunners’ School of Storying is a five-week residence workshop where our teams coach local people to develop 42 oral Bible stories from Creation to the Return of Christ in their local language. When people hear these stories, they are hearing God’s word in their own language, often for the very first time. People follow Jesus, they grow in their relationship with Him, and some become storytellers who start new groups. Often these groups become house churches.

Each School of Storying workshop costs $45,000. This Christmas, give the greatest gift of all - God’s story in the form of oral Bible stories. Your simple gift of $1, $2 or $10 will help fund a School of Storying for an unreached group in 2018.

Give a dollar. Share God’s story. Because these stories change lives.

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