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…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,
you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you.”—
Matthew 17:20,  New International Version

God is answering your prayers, honoring your partnership…moving mountains. He is transforming what seems impossible into reality!

A film team went into a rather difficult area of Eastern Europe. They approached the mayor of the community and the chief of police, asking to show JESUS at the local theater, the town’s “cultural center.” They agreed and issued official permission papers.

These faithful workers publicized the showing and went to set up their DVD player and digital projector. Soon, every seat in the theater was taken; some standing on the side aisles.

After introducing the film, the team began showing JESUS. The crowd found themselves caught up with the gospel story, hearing the Word of God in their heart language, meeting Jesus as never before—many for the first time in their lives.

About halfway through JESUS, the doors of the theater “burst open like a hurricane” (that’s how the film team leader described the moment). Standing in the doorway was the religious leader of the community, furious and enraged. With a loud voice he screamed: “Stop the movie! Everybody out!”

Bewildered, the team stopped the projector and appealed to the leader, “Sir, see our papers. We have permission.” He thundered back, “Not here, there is no place for you or this film in this city! Now leave!”

Because this religious leader is very powerful, people began to leave. Another man in the crowd approached him, saying: “Sir, I’m with the government. These men have permission. I came here to watch this movie. Please allow this to continue.” He barked back at him too: “You can be the president of this country. I don’t care! In this city I’m the president, and you will stop this film!”

The people continued to file out. Continuing the showing seemed impossible. Then a third man approached the religious leader. He leaned near the enraged man’s head and whispered in his ear. Instantly, his countenance fell…his angry red face turned white. Without another word, he simply turned around and left.

With the angry leader gone, the people began returning to the theater. The team restarted the projector. The crowd watched all of JESUS without further interruption. As the team packed their equipment, they noticed “the whisperer” was still there. He was among the many who had come to Christ. The team asked, “So, what did you say to him? What caused him to give up and leave?”

This seeker replied: “I wanted to see this film. I live just outside of town, by the corn fields. Last night I heard a tractor at 3:00 AM. I got up to look, thinking one of my farmer neighbors was up very early working the fields. But it was him, that religious leader. He was driving a tractor, pulling a full wagon. He had stolen corn from my neighbor’s fields. I told him, if you don’t let me watch, I will tell everybody what you did!’”

God worked through that seeker’s personal ultimatum to transform what seemed impossible into reality! Many who returned to watch responded to the gospel. A church was planted in that city! Let me tell you now about another situation which for centuries has seemed nearly impossible: reaching all the Middle East with the gospel.

Andreas Sauter is founder of Elijah21, a partner organization in Germany. This ministry is using JESUS extensively among refugees, especially from Iran and Afghanistan. He tells of one of his missionary workers, himself a refugee. Katera* had been imprisoned and tortured in Iran for his faith. On his release, he and his brother fled on foot to Europe, walking for seven days and nights. They coped with little sleep, went without food, and became utterly exhausted.

The two came to a border crossing between Macedonia and Serbia where they became dismayed. Serbia had closed the border, guarded by armed soldiers. Completely spent, the brothers just sat down by the road, defeated, and fell asleep. Then Katera had a powerful dream: “Jesus put his hand behind my head and lifted me up. He told me, ‘Katera, you must go now!’”

Startled awake, Katera found himself sitting up. He jostled his weary brother, and pulled him up by the hand. “We have to go now…NOW!” They began walking toward the illuminated border gate, right in front of the armed soldiers. They passed just nine feet away from the guards, who were smoking and watching the crossing. But the guards didn’t see them! Katera is convinced that Jesus blinded their eyes. Safely through, they made it to Germany, where God had a plan. Today, Katera works with Elijah21, giving fellow refugees aid and sharing the gospel.

Andreas describes what they do: “We hold meals for the refugees and help in various ways. We invite them to come and watch a DVD of JESUS. They do—hundreds at a time—and become engrossed in the film…it’s totally silent. You can hear a pin drop. It’s the first time they have ever met Jesus!

“You can just feel the Holy Spirit as they respond to the gospel. It’s amazing what is happening. I remember being in a kitchen, preparing a meal for the refugees. Women were with me cutting the chicken. One woman was just weeping. I asked her why. ‘Andreas, we’ve been praying for this for 35 years. Now it’s happening!’

“We are all in awe. Then after experiencing JESUS they want to learn more and share with others. I am so grateful for the many partners of JESUS who supply us with these tools. We have a limited time window and need to reach as many refugees as we can before they return home, which some already have—but as new believers. They go back zealous to share their faith, equipped with DVDs and microSD cards. We really feel like fishers of men. The net we are using is the JESUS film. Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry!”

Elijah21 is but one of more than 1,500 ministries, organizations and denominations who are “fishers of men” using the net of JESUS. They show the film through small digital projectors, DVDs, video tablets and microSD cards. They also point people to the internet or the app where they can watch JESUS and other Jesus Film® products streaming over the internet in 1,515 different languages. Then the words of Jesus, the very Word of God (quoted from the Gospel of Luke) penetrates through their fears, cultural misconceptions, and doubts. People will watch JESUS through tears, saying they didn’t know that God loved them so much.

I am writing today to invite you to help hundreds, perhaps thousands more learn how much God loves them. Before us are pressing and wonderful opportunities that have come to Jesus Film Project—thousands of workers who are asking to be equipped with JESUS.

You may already have noticed the enclosed information sheet. Here, you will find some of the many tools that are being requested, their costs and where they are needed. (The list is a representative sample of an extensive list of opportunities to give people the gospel worldwide.)

These opportunities are beyond what any one person or organization can do. But each of us can do something, through our prayers and through a gift of any size. Perhaps you can consider a gift of $150 and send 15 microSD cards containing JESUS, Magdalena (for women) or The Story of Jesus for Children in up to 10 languages. It may be you can send $90 to equip a worker with 20 DVDs of JESUS. Your gift of $540 will provide 120 DVDs that can reach an average of 1,320 people with the gospel on film. If you have the financial ability, please pray about supporting live streaming of JESUS to 2,400 people through a gift of $936. You can equip and send video tablet evangelists with a gift of $285. He or she will introduce the gospel to scores, even hundreds of people, in the next couple of years. You can also equip a film team with a solar-powered Church Planting Resource Kit for $3,240. Please, give joyfully as He leads.

Now may I close with one more story? Moshe was a drug dealer in North Africa. A family member gave him a red plastic packet. Inside was a DVD of JESUS. The relative told Moshe, “While I was walking on the streets of London, someone gave it to me as a gift. It’s yours.”

Moshe looked at the packet and the DVD of JESUS. He quickly decided that he had no use for “another god, with more rules and rigid regulations.” So he laid it aside. Later, his life crashed. In desperation, Moshe inserted the DVD of JESUS into his player and watched…“over and over and over again.” He said he was mesmerized. “That film touched me, every time I watched. I was moved.”

Moshe became a Christ follower and was given a new heart. Today, he boldly proclaims his faith in Jesus to all he can. A drug dealer became an evangelist—because someone like you equipped a volunteer in London with DVDs of JESUS!

So please look over the “Transforming Lives” opportunities sheet. Picture in your mind how He can use the tools you send. Seek His mind and guidance. Let Him work through you, even to do the impossible. God bless you for giving the world JESUS.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Erick Schenkel
Executive Director

PS. Just a single DVD or a video projector can influence many with the gospel. A pastor in Kenya rented a movie theater. “Droves of curious young people came.” More than 2,200 watched JESUS and 1,081 became followers of Christ. Requests for these tools far outstrip our ability to respond. They can only be supplied as friends of JESUS rally as one, pray, and give from their hearts. If you feel led, and are enabled to help, please send your generous gift by March 31, 2018. You can send your gift safely and quickly on this page or via credit card by calling (800) 387-4040. To make a tax-wise gift through appreciated stock or an IRA, call (888) 278-7233 or email You are greatly appreciated.

*I've used some pseudonyms in my letter for security.

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