Stand by missionary staff facing persecution!

#2836791 - Persecuted Staff Fund

Your Gift Tells Them: “You Are Never Alone.”

The commitment of Cru staff serving in closed nations is extraordinary. They see an unprecedented hunger, a ripe harvest, a Kingdom opportunity!

But they also suffer increasing interrogations, church bombings, and harassment. During such dark days, they sometimes need extraordinary help. Will you stand alongside them during their time of need?

Cru’s Persecuted Staff Fund helps Cru missionaries facing grave danger. But with the volume of anti-Christian outbreaks we’re currently seeing, we don’t have enough funds to ensure immediate and effective responses to all emergency situations. Can you help with a gift today for the Persecuted Staff Fund?

$40 can help provide emergency meals for a family.
$200 can cover safe shelter.
$2,000 would provide last minute evacuation plane tickets.

Anything you can give will make a difference.

When an emergency strikes and staff are in danger, there is no time to waste. Please give today to ensure brave missionaries get the emergency help they need.

Thank you for helping to show faithful Cru missionaries that they never stand alone.

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