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“O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha (2 Kings 6:17, New American Standard Bible ).

May you be blessed and encouraged by this amazing account!

It was a dream. Pastor George kept seeing a dark, shadowy hand hovering over the villages of a mountainous region, in his home country of Ecuador.

George didn’t understand the dream, but sensed he had to do something. Then he heard God’s voice: “Go and show these people that My power is greater.” So, Pastor George returned from the U.S. to Ecuador, bringing with him a small, portable JESUS film equipment set, and the film in the people’s language.

Arriving in the mountain villages, he planned a systematic campaign: to go door to door, inviting people to see JESUS.

The first door that opened to him was a game changer. A woman, whom I will call Marla, greeted him with a fierce, angry countenance. He said “I’ve come to your village to show you a film about Jesus, and I would like to…” Instantly, Marla became furious and demanded that he leave, slamming the door in his face.

Undaunted, he went to the next household. “I’m here to invite you…” But they were afraid and asked, “Did you go to her house!? She is the witch doctor and very powerful. You may have just put your life in jeopardy!”

It didn’t matter. In obedience to his Lord, Pastor George continued to announce that there would be a film showing that night. He set up the equipment. But only a very small group came. And they kept looking back, absolutely terrified, peering into the shadows. As JESUS played, Pastor George also turned back to look. There was Marla, standing in the darkness, intimidating the whole village. They feared her power.

The next day Pastor George visited the local market. He sensed evil nearby. He turned to see Marla staring with her angry eyes. She again began screaming at him, telling him to leave the village! But he boldly continued, publicizing JESUS.

Once again, he set up the portable equipment. This time more people came, including Marla the witch doctor. She sat in the very back, watching all of JESUS, experiencing His love and miracles, and, the powerful Word of God.

Afterward, Marla approached Pastor George: “I need to know this Jesus and your God. For He has surrounded you with angels. I saw them. They are dressed in warrior gear. They rebuffed all my curses against you. He is greater. I need to know Him as my Lord.”

Pastor George explained the gospel she had just witnessed through JESUS. Seeing His angels and hearing the gospel, Marla repented, renounced the darkness, and received Jesus as her Savior. News of her transformation spread quickly. People began coming to every showing, and in droves. Pastor George not only showed JESUS to the whole village but went to other villages with the gospel. He used the film as his main resource to disciple the new believers, and in the process planted several churches, explaining to all the power of God.

The person who passed along this inspiring report commented with joy, “Pastor George was there on a mission from God, equipped with the JESUS film, to save the lost and dying. It was such an incredible show of God’s glory, how Jesus had come to plunder hell and populate heaven using the JESUS film!”

I agree! And I want you to know that it is your partnership, your intercession and giving that shines light in the darkness, that lets people experience JESUS. It is you who help equip evangelists like Pastor George to bring life to millions, driving the darkness away. Thank you!

Now, there is another evangelist I’d like you to meet. For security I will refer to him as John. He ministers in Nepal, in the “foothills” of the Himalayas. The lowest villages John serves are at 14,000 feet. The rest are higher still! He heard that Bill Wolfe, director of Jesus Film Global Partnerships, was coming to Nepal. John reached out to Bill, saying: “We started using the JESUS film 10 years ago. I was using an old 16 mm projector until it finally failed. We’ve not shown the film in three years. I have 92 mountain villages that need to be reached. Is there any way you can help us get a new set of equipment?”

Bill replied, “We can make it happen.” John eagerly responded back, “Then I will come and pick it up when you are here in Nepal.” And so, began John’s arduous journey. He hiked down mountain trails for four hours to where he boarded a bus—a six-hour ride. Then John caught a seven-hour-long train ride to Kathmandu! There he borrowed a bicycle from a friend and rode across the city to meet Bill.

Bill: “Once we connected, I went over the equipment, showing him how it worked, how to charge the solar battery, use the tiny projector and speakers, set up the screen, and how to load it all into a backpack. He was thrilled. I looked back to see this virile man in tears. He said to me, ‘You just don’t know where this will allow us to go, to places and villages where people have never had a chance to hear the gospel.’ He got back on his borrowed bicycle, strapped on the pack, and departed…bicycle, train, bus, and a four-hour foot hike back up to 14,000 feet. I can see in my mind John walking with the gospel, reaching village after village, and thousands of people who have never heard saying ‘yes’ to Jesus!” God will surely honor such commitment.

Now, may I call your attention to the information sheet that came with my letter? You’ll see various sets of needed equipment, tools that workers like John are waiting to receive. As you know, many film teams and national volunteers come from poor backgrounds. They can’t afford to purchase this equipment, nor can their churches. But they will give of their time and energy, even their lives. They are zealous to let people experience the power of JESUS.

Incredibly, last year your giving, combined with gifts of many other JESUS film partners, sent 3,366 pieces of equipment into 107 different nations! Every day, new requests for this equipment arrive, as mission groups, churches and volunteers seek to take JESUS and the gospel to unreached people. And according to Bill Wolfe, “These requests keep coming! God is at work, raising up workers to fulfill the Great Commission. We need to do all we can to meet them.”

So, could I ask you to look over these opportunities? Would you seek His mind and guidance, to see if He would work through you to supply a worker(s) with one of these powerful tools? I especially call your attention to the Church-Planting Resource Kits. Every worker, every ministry partner who receives this powerful kit promises to show JESUS at least 100 times per year! The cost is $3,240, an amount that may be beyond a number of us. But you can still help with a gift of $100, $250, or $500. Or you can sponsor what we call a “share,” for a suggested gift of $810. You may want to equip a worker with an eight-inch video tablet through a gift of $285. These are in great demand for closed, dangerous countries where they can be used for private showings. Or, consider a larger, eight-viewer, 10-inch solar-powered deluxe tablet set with a Bluetooth speaker for $570, to reach small groups or families. Video tablets are vital tools for both direct evangelism and essential discipleship of new believers.

Also, many field requests have come for the 300-viewer “Gather Them to Jesus” Projector Sets ($1,905) for public and outdoor film evangelism. And if you have been blessed financially, please consider sending a Large Audience Digital Video Projector Set. These can present JESUS to as many as 3,000 people at a time, for a gift of $7,620. And please know that through a gift of any amount, you will be helping to show JESUS to people who have never heard.

Keep in mind the return on investment these tools offer. Recent research*

* Based on the most current field statistics collected and studied [2015]. has shown that for every $100 you send, about 1,000 people can see and hear the gospel. And of these, up to 100 could receive Christ. That’s the power of God at work, how you can equip workers like John, or reach out to witch doctors like Marla—letting them see and hear, as the Holy Spirit delivers thousands from the domain of darkness, into His kingdom of light.

Thank you so much for sharing in these wonderful reports, for equipping ready workers with these tools. They will put these life-transforming tools to very good use!

Lastly, thank you for demonstrating His power over darkness, for setting the captives free. May God bless you for however you can help.

Until everyone sees Jesus,

Erick Schenkel

Executive Director

PS. On the enclosed information sheet, please find some of these urgently needed tools. Demand is great because of the zeal of His servants. The Lord of the Harvest wants to answer their prayers and bless you in return. It’s our joy, serving with you, to give them the tools they need. I invite you to equip them through a gift of any size. You can mail your gift, or give online, securely and safely, here. Or you can simply help through a credit/debit card gift when you call (800) 387-4040. If possible, please send your generous gift by May 31, 2018. For tax-wise gifts including IRA rollovers and appreciated stock or property, call (888) 278-7233 or email God bless you for however you can help! Thank you.

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