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You are such an important part of this ministry! I want you to know that your intercession and gifts are much needed and gratefully received. Thank you so much.

I know you will be blessed and encouraged by these reports. What happened is the work of the Holy Spirit as He daily adds men, women and children to the church, the worldwide body of Christ.

Doria is from a North African country, a mother of six children. As a faithful Muslim, she fulfilled all the required rituals, visited the Islamic holy sites and fasted during Ramadan.*

However, she had been hearing of a growing trend in her nation—of many becoming followers of Jesus.

Doria became frightened since she had very little understanding of the gospel. Then she met Metea. Doria described what happened. “She started telling me about Jesus and all that He was doing in so many lives. She told me about the cross…but I felt very angry with her and wanted her to stop!”

You see, Doria is from a sect of Islam that believes: “If you open your ears to false doctrines, demons will enter your body.” Members of this sect reportedly cover their ears and shake their heads to avoid listening. So as Metea explained the gospel, Doria became even more disturbed and fearful. She felt polluted and had to start praying to Allah. She felt compelled to meet with her Iman, to listen to correct doctrine… so the demons would not come in.

“I was afraid and angry with Metea. But then she promised to give me a DVD that would explain everything about Jesus. But I kept praying, ‘Allah, keep this curse from coming upon me and my family.’ Though I tried to avoid Metea, the next day I saw her. She gave me the promised DVD, Magdalena.

“Even though I was very afraid, I was also curious. So I watched the DVD at home. I have no words to explain what I felt as I watched. It was like I was in the story. I was so touched by the love, mercy and righteousness of Jesus. It was more than a movie to me. I cried the whole time and couldn’t stop thinking about what Metea had shared with me. So I prayed and asked Jesus for His forgiveness.

“Only God knows what I felt. It was an amazing experience, and I praise God that now I am His child. I am blessed to join other women, other believers in a discipleship group. I am praying for the salvation of my husband and children and I believe it will happen soon!”

Let me now take you to a nation in the Middle East, to a book fair, one of the largest in the world. A worker, Abel, met a woman at the ministry booth. I will refer to her as Nubia. She told Abel she was studying medicine at the university. As they talked, she opened up, describing how her parents had separated and that her own personal relationships were failing.

And like Doria, Nubia was curious about Jesus. Yet, she was frustrated. No matter who she asked, Nubia couldn’t find anyone in her community who would tell her about Jesus.…until Abel.

Abel tactfully and lovingly shared the wonderful news of the gospel. He showed her how to download an audio Bible onto her smartphone, through which she could find answers to her many questions. And Abel gave her a DVD of Magdalena. She took it home and watched.

Nubia returned the next day joyful and happy, saying she had accepted Christ…because she saw the love He had for women. What happened to Nubia and Doria is being repeated around the world as thousands of women experience the power of Magdalena, JESUS and other ministry films every day.

For your partnership that provides the DVDs that bring them Christ, thank you!

Now this next team report comes from Asia. Jaison is 26 years old. He had been a fervent follower of Hinduism. He owned many idols, the objects of his affection, devotion and worship…until the day he heard Jesus speak his language.

Jaison attended a showing of JESUS. Afterward, a church-planting film team explained to him the gospel message. He was intrigued. Jaison had never heard such things before, of hope, love and the forgiveness offered by His Creator. Wanting to learn more, Jaison invited the team to his home to meet his family and for a private showing of JESUS.

The next week 15 people packed into his house watching JESUS. At last, Jaison believed and gave his life to Christ. Given a new heart, he no longer valued his idols. He said he was actually repulsed by their presence. So Jaison grabbed every statue, every photo, every idol of the gods, went to the river and without hesitation hurled them all in. Because of his witness, and through JESUS, six of his family have responded to the gospel. And Jaison has a new affection and devotion, to the “One True God, Jesus.”

This then is the power of the gospel, the Word of God, when people watch, listen and the Holy Spirit does His miraculous work. And it is you who make it possible for workers and film teams to be equipped with DVDs, microSD memory cards, and portable showing equipment.

As you know, Jesus Film Project® is privileged to help mobilize, equip and train 1,700 partner ministries and churches, as well as supply staff members, film teams and many volunteer workers with these tools. Workers often speak of immense opportunities, that millions are ready for Truth if they can just show them JESUS. It’s why they are currently asking for DVDs and microSD cards as well as DVD and SD card-duplicators.

Hundreds of volunteers and staff are preparing to give out these tools along the ports of Southern Europe in what we call “The Ports Project.” They will give out 85,000 SD Cards and 25,000 DVDs to Arabs waiting to board ferries, traveling between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

We also have another urgent request from Iraq for 100,000 microSD cards. I invite you to allow God to work through you, to help provide these much-needed tools, and His Word.

Below is a chart of what your gift can do. Please look this over prayerfully and consider a gift of any size, large or small. And keep in mind a recent research project: Every dollar you send can result in at least one person coming to Christ.

$90 for 20 DVDs of JESUS and other Jesus Film® media

$225 to equip workers and volunteers with 50 JESUS DVDs

$120 to give 12 microSD cards containing JESUS, other films and the New Testament

$500 to give 50 microSD cards containing JESUS, other films and the New Testament

$950 for a DVD mass duplicator set

$3,810 for an SD card mass duplicator set

For example, if you can send a gift of $90 for 20 DVDs, you can help share the gospel of Christ with 220 people. Your gift of $120 can give the gospel to 12 Arab families traveling through the ports, or returning to the Nineveh Plain and in other needy locations where people are ready for the Truth. And if you are blessed financially and would like to help make copies of microSD cards containing the films for distribution, consider a gift of $3,810 for a mass SD card duplicator set.

May I close my letter with more news about that extraordinary open door in the Nineveh Plain. You’ve likely heard that ISIS is nearly destroyed in Iraq. They’ve lost 99 percent of their land. Residents in Iraq who suffered greatly under ISIS are returning home, including Christians. The ministry director for Iraq, whom I will refer to as Imed for security, had been experiencing a deep impression—as though the Lord were calling him to claim “a new land.”

Imed realized that this “new land” was the Nineveh Plain where thousands of Iraqis are reclaiming their lands and homes from ISIS. Imed envisioned a discipleship center where staff would train believers to share their faith and distribute many thousands of JESUS and Magdalena DVDs and microSD cards.

So, in faith, Imed met with an influential leader, the local bishop. But this man had a reputation and was expected to deny Imed’s request. As Imed explained their work to the bishop, that a discipleship center was needed, the bishop became excited.

He replied, “Then why rent a house and waste money? I’ll give you land!” He took Imed next door to an empty lot by his house, more than an acre in size. “It’s yours, take it for free!” Imed was stunned! He said, “This new land will be a giant leap…five times the area we were hoping for!”

It will be a place from which thousands of DVDs and microSD cards you provide will flow out to all the Nineveh Plain, to people ready for hope and restoration—bringing the gospel to tens of thousands.

Thank you for allowing me to share these opportunities. There are many places besides the Nineveh Plain where these tools are being requested. And those MicroSD cards and DVDs are urgently needed for the Ports Project this Summer. Tens of thousands of these tools are being requested.

We can only supply these powerful tools as committed, generous friends like you send them. Kindly pray about your partnership and how God can use you. I invite you to walk through these open doors…to His glory!

Until Everyone Sees Jesus,

Erick Schenkel

Executive Director

PS. A beautiful example of the power of these tools is Ariana. She also watched Magdalena. Ariana said she was overwhelmed by Jesus’ love for women and after watching could not stop crying for two days. Transformed, she led her mother and sister to the Lord. In just one week, 25 students came to Christ through Ariana’s testimony and a single DVD! Open doors indeed! If possible, please send your gift by June 30, 2018. You can send your gift safely and quickly on this page or via credit card by calling 800-387-4040. To make a tax-wise stock or IRA Rollover gift, call Ben Grames or Debbie Williams at 888-278-7233, or simply email them at:

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