Take Jesus to unreached college campuses!

#2857771 - Expanding to New Campuses

More than half of all U.S. college students find themselves on campuses where there is NO KNOWN ACTIVE CHRISTIAN GROUP SHARING Jesus with their classmates.  

1,800+ campuses are unreached.

There’s a student somewhere right now, struggling with the pressures of college. The dark allure of sex, alcohol, and drugs. The pounding of the party drums.

This is a student who urgently needs Jesus — before life spins out of control. But there’s no group on that campus sharing Jesus.

For the sake of this student — and thousands more — we’ve got to expand Cru to new campuses — to launch Christian movements at more colleges.

It takes funding for materials, for training, for transportation, basic support for workers — on average, a total of $3,200 per campus.

But it’s worth it — because the results are amazing.

Every student who comes to faith in Christ has the potential to reach others — which means exponential multiplication of the impact of your generosity.

We need to know by May 31st how many new campus movements we can launch.  

Students being bombarded with thousands of offers, but none of them Jesus’ offer of eternal life. We’ve got to reach them. The gift you give today will make an immeasurable Kingdom impact for years to come.  

Help mobilize launch teams by giving a tax-deductible online contribution to Cru right now. Please be as generous as possible.

Thank you! God bless you!

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