The first 30 days of a student’s college career are critical

#2287549 - Freshman Survival Kits

We’ve found the first month of college is the most critical time to tell new students about the gospel —  and about the caring Cru community that’s on campus to help them navigate the future —

If we don’t present them with the message of Jesus in these first 30 days, the window rapidly closes, and we may NEVER reach them.

This is why we want to get Freshman Survival Kits to every freshman!

They are one of the most powerful evangelism tools we can use during this brief window.

Incoming students pick up their Freshman Survival Kit right at orientation. In addition to the great gifts, it includes information about how to get plugged in to Cru activities ... and how to find eternal hope in Jesus Christ.

The amazing low cost to reach a student with a Freshman Survival Kit is just $10.37.

How many freshmen will you reach?

Prayerfully consider a generous gift now, and help bring hope to students who are just waiting to hear the Good News.

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