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People across the globe are curious about Jesus and who He really is. Ministry workers say that when people are at last given the chance to hear the good news, they are amazingly open. When they hear the Word of God in their own heart language, the response is great.  Hundreds of millions have responded, and thousands of house churches have already been planted through private showings of “JESUS” in restricted regions.

National staff and workers urge us to send DVDs, saying that now is the time to help reach deeper into closed nations so everyone can experience the power of “JESUS.” You can enable them to watch the “JESUS” film safely in the privacy of their homes. You can reach them with this effective tool. The “JESUS” film is completely faithful to the Word of God.  

Will you please send the message of hope and true peace from where you are right now to people in restricted areas? Your $54 today will provide 12 DVDs of the powerful “JESUS” film.

Every gift will make a difference in the lives of men, women and children. And keep in mind a recent research stat: Every dollar you send can result in at least one person coming to Christ.

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