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#2837092 - Josh: More Than a Carpenter

It took him much of his young life, but Hakeem (we've changed his name to protect his safety) finally discovered the truth. Here’s what he told Josh:

"I am writing to tell you how I found the true way of salvation. I was looking in a shop for greeting cards. As I left the store, a man handed me a book and told me, 'I would like to give this to you as a gift.’ I thanked him, and he walked away.

 "The book was More Than a Carpenter.

“That evening I could not put the book down. I did not sleep until I had finished reading it. The next day I shared the book with friends, and we all passed it around and read it and then discussed it together.

“Then, as a small group, we decided that this is the truth as it is presented in the book and the gospel presentation at the end explained to us how we could receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. So we decided to do this together.”

Thousands have found answers in More Than a Carpenter

When our field staff challenge people like Hakeem to carefully investigate the claims of Christ, many agree to do so. That’s how hungry they are for meaning and fulfillment in life. And very often, after reading More Than a Carpenter, they discover for themselves the very same truth that has changed countless lives forever!

Through your generous gift right now, you can make sure our staff have enough copies of More Than a Carpenter to share with people who want to LIVE, DEFEND and SHARE the truth of Jesus!

Right now, we have 34,200 requests for More Than a Carpenter from our trusted field staff in dozens of countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia — many closed to the gospel.

Every $4.43 you give now will provide one truth seeker with a copy of More Than a Carpenter.

People, need to hear the facts...the truth...the real story of God and His love for us.

Your gift today will help share More Than a Carpenter with truth seekers.

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