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You can help reach Russians with the truth

For nearly 25 years, Josh McDowell Ministry has remained committed to reaching the people of Russia with the good news of Jesus Christ. The need is still great as our partners there have requested 60,000 biblical resources this year.

If you’ve been watching the news about Russia, you know our ability to share Christ in this deeply troubled nation is again in jeopardy. Not only is the government clamping down on evangelism, but we’re seeing a growing trend toward atheism.

A people who were once eager to know about Jesus are once again in danger of returning to a culture of unbelief. That’s why we need your help to raise $244,000 in order to provide books, DVDs and other resources translated into Russian. These resources present the gospel in a way that address intellectual skepticism and unbelief and points people toward a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Full, free and undaunted

As you may know, a shocking number of people in Russia have experienced the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse. But today they’re also finding hope, healing and forgiveness through Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell.

Our partners have started showing Josh’s film in drug and rehabilitation centers, and even at youth camps, across Russia’s Siberian region with incredible impact. Lives are being transformed! Men and women are coming to faith, families are being put back together and people are finding new direction in life. 

Please give now to help provide the 60,000 book, DVDs and other resources, translated into Russian, our partners need to reach even more people with the fullness and freedom of Jesus Christ this year!

“May God bless you for helping us reach the Siberian region for Christ. We have the workers, but we do not have the books and resources. We thank God for your partnership and that we can work together!” — Staff, Russia

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