#GivingTuesday: Frontline Staff Need Your Help Today!

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Men and women around the world are hungry for truth. We hear stories every day from spiritually oppressed areas around the world. Just read what Cru missionaries in these areas are saying:

“This is a miracle in our area…”

“Unparalleled in the last 30 years”

“This is Book of Acts stuff!”

God is moving in miraculous ways in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In the past, it was a celebration when just one person declared Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Now, hundreds — even thousands — are claiming Jesus as their Savior.

That’s why Cru’s frontline missionaries are so important. They are in the hardest places on Earth sharing the gospel. They know they are called to serve in these locations and will not be deterred by governmental oppression or physical hardship.

But there is a sad truth that many serving in impoverished nations face: lack of finances might soon force them to leave the field.

Right now, many Cru staff in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere are desperately short of the money needed to cover basic living expenses. Their home countries are so poor, and have so few Christians, that raising local support is almost impossible.  

Without immediate help, some of these men and women will have to leave the field to find another way to provide for their families.

But your gift today will make a huge difference. An average of just $200 per month, per staff member, is enough to ensure these faithful missionaries can continue the Lord’s work.

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