Reaching People in Closed Countries for Christ

#2856114 - Closed Country Evangelism

Three critical months to proclaim Christ behind walls of oppression!

This past Christmas, Cru® staff all over North Africa and the Middle East used the Christmas season to proclaim the truth of the gospel. 

Now, the Holy Spirit is working. The search for deeper answers has intensified. 

Since finding a church or buying a Bible in a bookstore is often impossible in closed nations, these men and women are finding another way to get answers … what’s often the ONLY way. They are contacting Cru online or by phone—often in the middle of the night—to secretly find out more about Jesus. 

Will you help ensure their questions continue to be answered?

Cru staff are working feverishly to respond to the new year’s wave of spiritual interest, as often these people have nowhere else to turn for answers. But the financial situation is a serious problem. One staff leader whose team impacts 4 million+ people recently announced that funding was just too short; cuts would have to be made. Miraculously, the Lord has continued to provide just enough resources to get by month-to-month. But it’s still tight. More funds are urgently needed.

At this critical moment, will you help reach people who are risking it all to know Jesus? Every $10 reaches 50 people.

To use online chat, radio, television and more to reach 1.5 million people as the year begins, we are trusting God for $100,000 for each of the next three months. 

Every $10 you give will help reach 50 people with gospel truth. Your gift today of $20 will reach 100 people. $50 will reach 250!

Whatever God moves you to do will make a difference during this wave of spiritual interest … will help those living behind walls of spiritual oppression fully, deeply understand Jesus. 

Please act today as the demand for answers is great, and the financial situation is critical. 

Thank you again!

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