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#2835091 - Send Oral Bible Teams

Your gift will help reach nations.

Our next School of Storying begins soon. Your help is needed to keep this critical training on schedule. Just one volunteer like Eliphaz can make disciples and plant story churches for years to come!

Eliphaz used his training to share XX key Bible stories with his fellow Fulani people in the African nation of Benin. Word spread of his ministry and soon he had the opportunity to train up 11 new storytellers who could reach the nomadic Fulani people in the neighboring country of Niger!

This would be amazing enough, but then God opened the doors even wider. He wrote:

“I was amazed how quickly the word spread about the training. Soon after I returned…pastors in Niamey, the capital of Niger, invited me to meet with them. They proposed an oral strategy for evangelism throughout the entire country in languages like Hausa, the most spoken language in Niger, plus other languages such as Zarma, Dendi, Fulfulde and Gourmanchema.

Only ½ of 1 percent of people in Niger are Christian. We are praying with this breakthrough that number will rise very soon!

We need your help to train up the next Eliphaz. We have dedicated volunteers like him standing by for training. We just need the funds. Please make the most generous gift you can.

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