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Christian persecution is on the rise in East Asia, putting millions more believers at risk for their faith.

Researchers now say one Asian Christian out of three experiences a high level of persecution for their faith. Now more than ever, your support of believers in this region is a blessing.

How we can help East Asia church leaders now

Seminary students receive several years of training before they begin their ministry. As new pastors they often leave seminary with nothing but a Bible and thus lack the equipping tools they need. And on the meager income most will make as a pastor — $80 or $90 a month — they simply cannot afford to buy the study and leadership resources they need.

Many of these graduates will go on to lead huge congregations of Christians who are hungry for solid, trustworthy teaching. These new pastors need reliable resources like Josh’s apologetic books and other Christ-centered resources to learn how to defend and share the truth with a young, growing church.

With your gift today, you’ll equip future church leaders — who will influence millions of people who are receptive to truth like never before — in a region of the world where the church is being persecuted!

Challenges and opportunities

The East Asia church is under mounting pressure to curb growth and evangelism. Despite this the church continues to expand dramatically.

That’s why your financial partnership today is so critical. You’ll provide a soon-to-graduate seminary student with the Christian books they need to grow personally and lead others toward a solid faith.

We’ve specifically selected titles that will help these new pastors teach, defend their faith and disciple new believers — including Josh’s books More Than a Carpenter and The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict.           

Every $7.33 you send now will add a Christ-centered book to a deserving pastor’s personal library. Please give today!


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